Saturday, March 26, 2011

D' Patisserie Studio Function (our BIG DAY )

so here we go again just a short write here.....
will be countdown our BIg dAY start from now ^_^
best of luck with my team and God Bless us 
Aja2 FIGHTING guys^___________^

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Today MAYBE is my last post ~_~

OK this one bukan la mau buat gimik ka pa ka...
but  maybe today will be my last day to post something
as u guys know kan this is my final year and its my final sem tho....
so aq rasa sedikit terganggu la kunun....
dengan this (FB,TWEET,BLOG,BLAA..BLAAA.BLAA etc thingy )
so i've decided to reduce pengunnaan benda yg ndak berapa penting ne skg
chewahhh ndak penting la kunun
(mode mau jadi  budak baik  >_< ) 
but will be posting something ASAP after everything is under CoNtRoL ^_^
ok guys no worry,but be waiting  yaaa ^_^
Note : So eventhough i didn't post anythin but do follow ya...mana la tau aq tetiba jak muncul ehehhehe >_< n wish us (budak2 pastry) a best of LUCK for our final project and everything May God Bless u Guys..... ^_~  xOxO